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Everything you need to know about Swieqi, Ta' l-Ibragg and Madliena

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The aim of this site is to be a guide and business directory for the municipality of Swieqi which includes the villages of Swieqi, Ta' L-Ibragg and Madliena.

Whether you are a resident or visitor we do hope that you find this site useful and enjoy your stay!

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The guide map below shows various points of interest in Swieqi such as shops, civic buildings and leisure spots. If you want to add your own shop or POI please send us an e-mail on [email protected] with the details. The service is free of charge.

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List of points shown in map:

Civic/Historic buildings:

Fort Madliena (Triq il-Madliena) 

Ibragg Parish Church (Triq L-Ibragg) 

Madliena Chapel (Truq il-Madliena)

Swieqi Local Council (Triq Sant'Andrija / Triq it-Tiben)

Victoria Lines (Triq il-Madliena)

Sports / recreational:

Swieqi Tennis Club (Triq il-Hemel)

Children's Playground (Triq il-Hemel)

Francis X. Ebejer Garden (Triq is-Swieqi)

Proposed Keffa Project Site (Triq il-Keffa)

Victoria Gardens (Triq il-Barmil - not mapped)


Azzopardi Fisheries - Silvia (Triq l-Uqija)

Corner Food Store (Triq il-Qasam)

Deguara Confectionery (Triq il-Qasam)

Dreambox Satellite Systems (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Enroute Malta Drive (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Fair Deal Properties (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Fantasy Cut Hair Salon (Triq l-Uqija)

Forex Ironmongery (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Green's Discount Supermarket (Triq l-Ibragg)

Lana's Hair Studio (Triq il-Qasam)

Maltco (Triq il-Qasam c/w Triq il-Faxxina)

Manoel's Car Wash & Valeting (Triq it-Tiben)

Margerite Boutique (Triq il-Qasam)

Marlows (Triq il-Qasam)

Miracle Foods (Triq is-Swieqi)

Papillon (Triq l-Ibragg)

Plantastic (Triq il-Qasam)

Silvio's Butcher (Triq il-Qasam)

Studio 52 (Triq il-Qasam)

L-Ibragg Ironmonger (Triq il-Mizura)

The Frame Studio (Triq il-Qasam)

The Village Food Store (Triq il-Qasam)

Time to Watch - Dvd Rentals (Triq is-Sejjieh)

Topline (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Xnak (Triq is-Sejjieh)


St'Andrew's Clinic (Triq il-Qasam)

St'Andrew's Dispensary (Triq il-Qasam)

St'Anne’s Veterinary Clinic (Triq il-Faxxina)


BOV branch (Triq l-Ibragg)

HSBC branch (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Bars, Restaurants and Take Aways:

Brew Master Pizza, Pub & Restaurant (Triq Sant'Andrija)  

Jessy's Bar (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Jimmy's Pastizzeria (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Lulu's Cafe (Triq l-Ibragg)

Pavillon Chinese Restaurant (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Wel worth take away (Triq Sant'Andrija)

Wedding Venues:

Torre Paulina (Triq il-Madliena)


The Halland Hotel (Triq ta' L-Ibragg)

Villa Kavallieri Guesthouse (Triq il-Qasam)

Auto Dealers 

AdamCini Motors 

Gas Stations:

Bonello Gas Station (Triq Sant'Andrija) 

Wembley Gas Station (Triq Sant'Andrija)

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